Get to know me – Sofia Alexiou

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last post so I decided it might be nice to write a more personal article so you can better understand the person I am. My blog could be seen as anonymous because my logo is not of me, my blog name is not my own and I don’t share any personal stories. When I created my blog a couple of months back I did want to stay as anonymous as possible. I’m a very shy person and don’t enjoy a lot of attention, especially on social media. But since I began Beauty Box I’ve connected with some amazing people and felt it’s only fair to my readers that they get to know the person who’s telling them which concealer or eyeshadow palette they should be using.

I’ve seen the “get to know me” tag all over YouTube and seen a few similar posts on WordPress so I’ve done a quick internet search and found some questions I feel would help you to connect with me better. I hope you enjoy reading!

  1. What is your name – Sofia Alexiou
  2. What does your name mean? – My first name is Greek and means wisdom. I have no idea what my surname means. All I know is that it’s Greek.
  3. Where are you from? – Originally I’m from Pythagoreio, Samos, Greece but I moved to the West Midlands, UK in 1998.
  4. Where do you live? – West Midlands, UK
  5. What do you do for a living? – I’m a university student at the moment
  6. What is your favorite color? – I don’t really have one but tend to gravitate towards deep autumnal colours like Burgundy, Wines, Greys and Khakis. But I do like bright red, blues, greens and yellows. It depends on my mood.
  7. What is your star sign? – Pieces, but I don’t follow star signs, I don’t really believe in astrology.
  8. What is your favorite music genre? – I’m not limited to one genre, I listen to anything that sounds good. My iPod ranges from The 1975 to The Bee Gee’s, Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift. I’m not a fan of heavy metal though.
  9. Favorite food? – Italian and Greek food. My mom makes the best Spanakopita!
  10. Favorite drink? – Tea! I drink about 10 cups a day, no joke. Luckily I don’t have sugar! otherwise Diet Coke
  11. Favorite snack? – Lightly salted popcorn
  12. Favorite holiday? – Bonfire night. This is a British Holiday that’s celebrated on the 5th of November. People put on firework shows and it’s a lovely atmosphere. The back story to how this holiday came about is quite grim, google it! I like Christmas too.
  13. Favorite past time? – Being at home relaxing, anything that doesn’t involve large crowds of people or noise in general. I live in the countryside so the silence of my environment is very pleasant and enjoyable for me. I value my me time.
  14. Favorite sport? – lol
  15. What is something you are talented at? – I wish I was was really intelligent so I could become either an astrophysicist or a theoretical physicist, I love space and the mystery of it. So I guess my talent would be a really high IQ haha, but I’m terrible at maths, I can’t comprehend too many scientific technical terms and theories so in another life, maybe.
  16. Are you competitive? – No at all, I hate competition.
  17. What is the best compliment you have ever received? – That I had a beautiful name. That comment made me so happy. A hairdresser told me that, I’ll never forget it.
  18. What are some of your bad habits? – Spending money I don’t have on makeup I don’t need.
  19. What are your favorite things about yourself? – Physically, I like my eyes because I have a good amount of lid space making eyeshadow application really easily. Mentally, I’m a big dreamer and I love it. Dreams are important in my opinion. Having those goals and striving to achieve them can really help keep you motivated and moving forward.
  20. What is on top of your bucket list? – Travel, I need to get off this tiny island that is the UK and experience the rest of the world!
  21. What are 3 long term goals? – Graduating university, moving abroad and being happy. Being genuinely content with life.
  22. What are 3 short term goals? – Lose my last bit of weight! Grow my blog and start saving money!
  23. What are you doing today to help you achieve those goals? – Calorie counting, creating (hopefully) engaging, good quality content and I didn’t buy any new makeup last time I was at a makeup counter so, good job me!
  24. What is your biggest accomplishment? – Getting into university. After being told countless times from high school teachers that I wasn’t “university material” being accepted was the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever felt.
  25. What is something you look for in a partner? – Loyalty.
  26. Who is your role model? – I don’t have any. I like to focus on myself and be the best I can be. Forget about what everyone else is doing.
  27. What is the last book you read? – I actually despise reading. It bores me to death and I just can’t concentrate. I love writing though! But I hate reading so much I’ve never finished a book in my life. I’ve started plenty but never finished any of them. The last book I started was Donnie Brasco My Undercover Life in the Mafia. Love the film especially considering it stars two of my favourites Johnny Depp and Al Pacino.
  28. What is your favorite fairytale? – I like Snow White. But I’ve never been a big Disney fan so I was never too interested in fairy-tales. They all follow the same narrative which gets boring in my opinion.
  29. What is your favorite quote? – “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein
  30. Favorite subject in school? – English and Science
  31. Subject you were best at? – English
  32. Favorite teacher? – My science teacher, Mr Bristol. He was the only teacher that had time for his students. I’ve got a lot of respect for him.
  33. What app do you use most? – Instagram! I love it, but hate it at the same time. Perfection is too sought after on Instagram and it gets annoying but I love the memes.
  34. What piece of technology can you not live without? – WiFi, without it I couldn’t use any of my devices!
  35. What countries have you visited? – Italy and Greece. Italy was amazing, everyone needs to experience it at some point, especially Florence.
  36. What countries would you like to visit? – I’d love to see the USA, The Maldives and maybe Spain. I’m going to try to see every country!
  37. What is on top of your bucket list? – Move out of the UK. I’ve always dreamed of living abroad, maybe somewhere in the Mediterranean where the food is good and the weather is even better!
  38. Best memory you have? – Visiting my family in Greece back in 2001. I wish I never left.
  39. If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be? – Do better in school. I basically failed all my GCSE’s, they’re the UK’s equivalent to GED’s, and it made entering higher education very difficult which is why at 22 I’m only in my second year of university. I managed to get there but it took a lot more time and work.
  40. One thing you know now that you wish you had known as a kid? – Life does not work out how you imagined. I remember being 10 years old and thinking by 21 I’d be married with a kid, living in a three bedroom house working a well paid job. I’m 22 now and I’m single, childless and broke haha. So I wish I understood the concept of realism.

  Tag Questions – The site I got these questions from


Now you know how I look 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed answering! But most importantly, I hope you were able to better understand the kind of person I am . I love engaging with the lovely people here on WordPress and I’m very grateful to each and everyone of you that chooses to read my blog. It means an awful lot. My next post will be back too makeup so I’d love too see you then. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time too read!

Sofia x

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