Best of High-End Beauty

I’m a sucker for a little luxury and over the years I’ve acquired quite a few high-end products that I’ve loved and swear by, but I’ve also tried a few others that haven’t met my expectations. I’ll have a post all about the worst of high-end beauty very soon but for today, we’ll be focusing on some of my high-end favourites.

Starting off with a highlighter, MAC’s Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Double Gleam.  If you’ve been an avid reader of mine you’ll know how much I love this highlighter. MAC are renowned for their highlighters with Soft and Gentle earning it’s self a cult following. This new formula and shade is leaps and bounds ahead of Soft and Gentle, in my opinion. Double Gleam is a beautiful light gold with a silver shift making this a beautiful topper meaning you can lighten another highlighter by applying this over top. I’ve began using my Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey (which is far to dark) in conjunction with this highlighter and the pair create such a beautifully shiny finish on the cheek bone. If you have fair to light skin, you’ll love this highlighter and for £24, I seriously recommend the investment. I haven’t put it down since I purchased this almost a year ago and I’ve barely put a dent in it. The difference between MAC’s Extra Dimension Skin Finishes and their regular MSF’s is the highlighters aren’t chunky and contain a ton of glitter. These Extra Dimension Skin Finishes will give you the illusion that your lit from within or a more intense look if you go in with a few layers. Chunky glittery highlighters are my biggest makeup pet peeve and if you’re the same, these highlighters will not disappoint!

This product is available in seven shades ranging from pinks, peaches, rose golds and golds.


MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish Highlighter

Another high-end must have is a blush I’ve been loving since I purchased it about six months ago. And that’s Lancome’s Cushion Blush Subtil in the shade Splash Corail. This was quite a unique find as I was aware of cushion makeup, but never in blush form. I figured cushions only applied to foundations, but Lancome took it one step further with their Cushion Blush range. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any other cushion blushes on the British market, I have heard L’Oreal are set to release their own version of these in the US, but I can’t confirm. However, if you have the money to splurge, I highly recommend checking out this line. There’s six shades available on Lancome’s website that range from dusty roses, peaches and pinks. The shade I own, Splash Corail is a beautiful pink shade that works amazingly with my light skin. The formula is lovely, it feels lightweight on the face, looks incredibly natural, blends effortlessly and is very highly pigmented. Only a little is needed which means this blush is going to last a very long time making the £29 price tag completely fair, in my opinion.

lancome blush

Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil

A must have high-end foundation that you need to try is another one from Lancome. Their Teint Idole Ultra foundation was one of the best beauty finds I’ve come across in a very long time. Over the years, I’ve tried many high-end foundations and never felt satisfied with them so I was a little sceptical when I tried this. I’d learn’t from my mistakes and used a sample for a few weeks before spending the £31. I’d definitely consider this a solid medium coverage foundation, this does a good job of covering imperfections and evening out skin tone. It’s also buildable which makes it ideal for those of you who love a full coverage look. If you’re an oily skinned girl, you’ll absolutely love this. It’s a natural matte finish that’s incredibly long-wearing and won’t break down during the day. If you have dry skin, don’t write this foundation off. I myself have dry skin and the thought of wearing a matte foundation would make my skin crawl, but this is incredibly comfortable to wear on my dry face. If you properly prep your skin before hand, this will make your skin look flawless. I do like to mix two drops of Jojoba Oil in with this just because I prefer a luminous look, however I’ve tried it without and it still looked beautiful, it just gave me a different finish. But what attracted me to this foundation more was the vast shade range. There’s 40 shades available ranging from very fair to very deep and everything inbetween. As well as this, this foundation comes with cool, neutral and warm undertones so finding a perfect match is very easy for anyone and everyone. This diverse shade range is something I really appreciate because high-end brands tend to lack an array of foundation and concealer shades, I’m looking at you Chanel! So if you’re on the hunt for a new foundation, I highly recommend giving this one a go, but remember, always try a sample first!

foundation lancome

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

An amazing luxury face powder I’ve been loving for the past six months is Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder. I brought this on a whim and initially went to the Chanel counter to find a new foundation, but the beauty consultant managed to talk me into this. I purchased the second lightest shade N20, unfortunately this line is only available in seven shades so both the very fair and very deep may not be able to use this. Hopefully Chanel will expand their very limited shade ranges in the future because this product in particular is one of my favourites and it’s sad that people will have to miss out because they can’t find a match! With that said, let me tell you why this is such an amazing product. If like me you have dry skin, this powder is ideal because it leaves you looking luminous and radiant. It’s quite a peculiar formula because I’ve never come across a powder (other than highlighters) that doesn’t give you a matte finish. This doesn’t have any glitter or shimmer, it looks like a normal setting powder. This is a very natural product that will only lightly set the face, you won’t get that powdery, matte finish with this product, which is why I love it. I especially love this during the winter months when my skin is dryer, duller and is in need of a radiance boost. If you have oily skin, skip this. It won’t do anything for you because you’ll still look oily and this isn’t a heavy duty setting powder so your oils will most likely break through during the day. If you have dry or mature skin, you need to try this! You can ask for a sample so please do before spending £40 on this!

chanel les beiges

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder

The final high-end must have is one you’ve definitely heard off and one you probably love yourself. In my opinion, Urban Decay are really the pioneers of setting sprays. They seem to be the first brand to properly launch setting sprays into the mainstream beauty world. I didn’t try one of their famous setting sprays until about a year ago and it was one of the best makeup decisions I’ve ever made. Prior to this, I had tried other sprays from brands such as NYX, Kiko and MAC but they never did what I needed them to do. Urban Decay’s Chill was and still is, the best setting spray I’ve ever used. This product really does make all the difference in my makeup’s wear time and overall appearance. Sometimes when I’m in a rush I’ve forgotten to apply a few spritz’s of this and you can really tell. I’ve never really struggled with makeup wearing off my face but I have struggled with the appearance of my makeup over the course of the day. Without this spray my foundation may become cakey and look textured and my shadows pigmentation may fade but due to this setting spray’s cooling properties, my makeup looks freshly applied all day. I seriously can’t recommend this enough! This also lasts forever, I’ve been using this for about a year and I’m generous with my application but this is still going strong. I’ll have to re-purchase it soon but the fact it’s lasted this long speaks volumes. I also really appreciate the fact Urban Decay has created setting sprays to suit different skin types, their De-Slick will control oil, Chill will hydrate and I believe All Nighter is more of universal spray. So there really is something for everyone. These retail at £23.50 each.

urban decay chill

Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray    

Thank you so much for taking the time to read today’s post all about high-end beauty. This is the first in my “best and worst of” series and I’ll have a high-street version up soon so watch out for that one. I hope you enjoyed this article and hope to see you back in my next one.

Sofia x

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