Essentials for a minimalist makeup collection

Consumerism in the beauty industry is at an all time high and I’d be lying to you if I said I’ve never made any impulsive purchases. But before you know it, all of those little purchases here and there have amassed into an entire department store full of makeup and you’re overwhelmed, broke and feeling guilty. All your makeup is taking up space, getting in the way and 90% of your collection isn’t being used. It’s time to de-clutter into a nice minimal collection of products you love and products you know you’ll use up.

This post coming from me who does not have a minimal makeup collection may seem a little hypocritical but if you’re someone who’s looking to start a small collection of makeup or someone who has a huge collection and is looking to reduce it to just the bare essentials, then you’ll love this post. All of the products I’m about to mention would be the items that would be in my hypothetical minimalist collection.

Starting off with the base. If like me you’ve gotten into the habit of buying a ton of different foundations for different reasons such as the seasons or occasions, you need to stop! If you have a load of different foundations you’ve probably got one you’re constantly reaching for, occasionally using a different one you don’t really want you use but do because you have it. For a minimal makeup collection you only need one foundation or BB Cream. Choose one you know you love, one you run out of and repurchase and one you know works all year round. For me I’d pick Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra. This is my absolute favourite foundation and the one I reach for the most. It works for me regardless of weather conditions, it can be sheered out with a beauty blender and can also be built up to a fuller coverage. I love it! For concealer, pick one that you can use for your under eyes and for blemishes around the face such as the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, which would be the concealer in my minimalist makeup collection.

For the rest of the face, all you’re going to need is a powder, blush, highlighter and bronzer. If you need them. If you don’t wear all of these products, don’t buy them. I wear all four so one of each is essential for me. For a blush, make it a versatile one, one you wear on a daily basis and one that can be worn with a variety of looks. The ideal blush for me is Chanel’s Joues Contraste in Orchid Rose. It looks beautiful for a minimal look and looks just as good on a more made up face.

I love bronzer too, it warms up my pale skin beautifully so No7’s Bronzer in Golden Sand would have a place in my minimal collection as would highlighter. My absolute favourite is The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manzier which I’ve mentioned many times before. And for powder, my favourite for as long as I’ve been wearing makeup is Rimmel’s Stay Matte. It’s cheap, does the job and doesn’t give a powdery finish. This is an essential in any minimal makeup collection.


Now onto the eyes. Here’s where it gets hard! For me especially. Ideally, for a minimal makeup collection you’ll only want a few eyeshadows, preferably a palette or two. When I was looking through my collection deciding which palette would be in my minimal makeup collection I couldn’t decide on just one. So for me, I’d pick three of the ten I own. Not very minimal I know. The three I’d choose would be my Zoeva Matte Palette, a very warm toned, all matte palette. With that I’d pick my Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 which is a cool toned matte palette and for some shimmers I’d pick my Urban Decay Original Naked palette. In these three palettes I have my warm, cool and neutrals along with mattes and shimmers. While it does sound like a lot, in these three palettes I’d have a total of 28 individual shadows. To put that into perspective, that’s less than a 35 pan Morphe palette. For your minimal makeup collection pick your shadows wisely and don’t worry about what’s on trend. Pick shadows you know you love and shadows you know you’ll wear. Try to make sure you shadows are as versatile as possible so you can get every look you’d possibly want out of them. For a minimal eyeshadow collection, something like a Morphe palette would be ideal because they contain 35 shades.

For mascaras, you just need the one. For me I’d choose my No7 Intense Volume, I love it! If you’re someone who loves eyeliner, choose your favourites. Think about when you do use eyeliner. Do you tend to just wear black? Brown? Liquid? Gel? Pencil? If you find you tend to reach for just one, get rid of the rest. You don’t need them. I never wear eyeliner so I wouldn’t have any im my collection. If I do want some lash line definition I just use a little shadow. For the brows choose your favourite product. For me it’s a pencil. Look at what you’re reaching for a daily basis. If you prefer to fill your brows in with a powder, use an eyeshadow that matches otherwise just the one pencil is enough.


Lipsticks are another easy product to overspend on. In order to de-clutter to a minimalist lip collection, look at what you’re using on a daily basis. For me it would be a nude. I love The Balm’s Meet Matt Hughes Liquid Lipstick in the shade Committed as it’s the perfect peachy nude that suits me best. It’s nice to have other lip options so picking a few other shades is fine. In my collection, I’d choose a classic red, a pinky nude and a deep berry for some nice nighttime options and another day time option. Depending on your preferred formula, lip liners aren’t always necessary. For liquid lipstick I find I don’t need a liner, however for a classic bullet lipstick they are, especially for bolder shades. So for that reason, a red and Bordeaux lip liner would be in my minimal collection.


And finally, in my minimal makeup collection I’d have a setting spray. This isn’t going to be necessary for everyone but for me, I like the added hydration and luminosity a setting spray gives. Urban Decay’s Chill has been a favourite of mine since I purchased it and would definitely have a place in my minimal collection.

So when you’re either shopping or de-cluttering for your minimal makeup collection, remember to only include things you know you’ll use. Try your best to resist the urge of sales, social media and trends! I hope you enjoyed today’s post about a minimal makeup collection and hopefully, you were able to take something away from it. Let me know some of your beauty essentials for a minimal makeup collection. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you in my next post.

Sofia x

4 thoughts on “Essentials for a minimalist makeup collection

  1. Great post! I agree it’s so easy to give in to the hype and consumerism about needing every shade of a product or new release. I by no means have a minimalist makeup collection but I’ve definitely been focused on using what I have and evaluating what I really use. Some things in my collection I can’t go without are bb cream, mascara, and blush though 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for reading! I can’t agree enough about consumerism in the beauty industry, it’s definitely risen since YouTube and Instagram became more popular. Even I’m guilty of buying products just because they’re trendy! Love your chosen products! Blush is definitely a favourite of mine too 😊 x

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