Eyeshadow Palette Anti Haul…

In case you missed my first anti-haul article, I spoke about an array of social media hyped up products that weren’t going end up in my collection. I want to do something a little different in my this anti-haul and focus specifically on eyeshadow palettes. Eyeshadows are probably the most hyped up product of them all, and the most expensive! There’s always a new “must-have” palette being released and the reality is, you just don’t need it, in most cases.

If you’re someone like me, you’ve probably seen makeup collection videos, which I love, but some people literally have drawers and drawers full of eyeshadow palettes. And some have even claimed to own up to 100 different palettes. Some probably own more. That’s an absurd amount of eyeshadow and I’m willing to bet that only around 10% of the palettes in a collection that big see the light of day. I myself own 10 eyeshadow palettes which is way to many for just one person. If you’re a makeup artist, fine but for the average consumer owning an entire department store of eyeshadow palettes is pointless because you’ll get no use out of them.

*Disclaimer. This post is no way intended to bad mouth a company or product. My reasons for choosing not to purchase a product is either due to price, reviews, knowing the product will not work for me or just being generally uninterested. If you love any of the products I mentioned, that’s fine. They aren’t bad products, just products I know I’ll get no use from.

If you haven’t read my first anti-haul click here to check it out.

The first palette I won’t be buying is Huda Beauty’s New Desert Dusk Palette. I don’t own her first Rose Gold palette because I didn’t care for the shades, they just didn’t inspire me. I’ve seen the same shades in a million other palettes and own the majority of them in palettes already in my collection. The same applies to the Desert Dusk Palette. The colours are the same old warm tones we’ve all seen a thousand times over with a few purple shades to differentiate it from the Rose Gold palette. I can’t speak to the formula because I’ve never tried Huda’s shadows but after watching some reviews which were either glowing or terrible, I decided this product wasn’t for me. When I look at the shades in the Desert Dusk Palette, I see don’t much versatility. For me personally, I know I wouldn’t get anything more than a warm smokey eye from it, not to mention that I rarely do a smokey eye. So this palette is definitely not worth the massive £56 price point. This palette launches globally on the 18th September 2017.


The next set of product’s that I definitely won’t be buying are any of the seven pan Marc Jacobs palettes. I’ve seen a few YouTuber’s speak about these but they never seem to be overly excited about them or to be rushing to recommend them. I’ve actually watched a few other’s declutter these palettes. But what turns me off the most is the price. For seven small pans of eyeshadow you have to pay £40. That’s an absurd amount of money for such a small quantity of product. And I’m willing to bet half of that money is just for name. The Glambition Palette is another basic neutral palette that’s been made by every other makeup brand, the only shade in the Smartorial Palette that look’s interesting is the cobalt blue but the rest are just… meh and the Provocouture’s pinky, dusty rose shades are something that I have zero interest in. They’ve also got three other palettes with very familiar shades such as warm tones, cool tones and a bronzy palette, all of which are really easily duped. If you want to spend £40 on an eyeshadow palette go for an Urban Decay one or an ABH one and get double the amount of product. Or try some cheaper palettes and save yourself a bit of money.

marc jacobs


Marc Jacobs Palettes – John Lewis

Another set of ridiculously priced eyeshadow palettes my money will not be spent on are any of Natasha Denona’s palettes. I’m speaking strictly about her big palettes but even the 5 pan palettes are way too expensive. These eyeshadows are some of the most expensive I’ve ever seen that they make Tom Ford look like Wet and Wild! I have no idea why these are so expensive, maybe the formulas are amazing and are like nothing else on the market, but when I know I have palettes that are a fraction of the price that work beautifully, Natasha Denona’s shadows are a huge waste of money. I have seen good reviews on her products but it’s not enough for me to save my pennies until I can afford £200 for one 28 pan palette. I’m almost certain that if I did purchase one of these products my bank account would be frozen and fraud would be suspected! It’s a massive no from me and honestly, if you want an eyeshadow palette with a wide array of shades try a Zoeva 15 pan or even a Morphe Palette. At the end of the day, pressed powder is pressed powder. It all does the same job.


Natasha Denona Eyeshadow

The next palette that hasn’t been released yet but when it is available, I won’t be buying is Too Faced’s White Chocolate Bar Palette. I don’t own any of their Chocolate Bar or Peach Palette but this particular palette looks like the worst of them all. The other Chocolate Bar Palettes look like they have some sort of order to them, the colour’s compliment each other, they’re in the same colour family and it looks easy to create a wide variety of looks. They do what a palette should. But when I saw pictures of the White Chocolate Bar Palette, I was confused. It almost looks as if the shades were picked out of hat and thrown into the palette. I would be clueless as to what look I was going to do if I had this. Maybe its personal preference but I really don’t like these colours, they look very wishy-washy, a little boring and the palette in general is just very underwhelming. It’s a no from me.


The final set of products I won’t be spending my money on are Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeshadow quads. This was a hard one for me and I was debating whether or not to add these to this anti-haul because I nearly purchased one of these not too long ago. These quads are really beautiful, everything from the luxurious packaging to the beautiful shades but my issue with these once again is the price! The shadows look tiny! And for £39 these can’t be good enough to warrant that kind of price. But maybe they are that good and the price is totally justified, I’ve never tried one so I don’t know but regardless I don’t have that kind of disposable income to spend on four teeny little eyeshadows. Not to mention that you’d only be able to get 2 – 3 looks maximum out of one of these little palettes which is ridiculous considering you can buy palettes with 14 shades for the same price, or palettes with even more shades for cheaper! These quads look beautiful and will look amazing on your makeup table, but if you want something pretty on your vanity, buy yourself some flowers for £5 and invest your money elsewhere.


Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quads

I hope you enjoyed today’s eyeshadow palette anti-haul and if you have or are going to be purchasing any of the products mentioned, let me know in the comments! Please remember that makeup is subjective and my tastes may differ from yours. These products are by no means bad products, just things I know won’t work for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I hope to see you in my next post.

Sofia x

6 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Palette Anti Haul…

    • Omg I know what you mean. It’s only a matter of time before the palette starts to appear in every Instagram makeup artists videos haha. I didn’t like the look of the Rose Gold palette but I’m less keen on the Desert Dusk. I’m sure it’s a good palette but I certainly won’t be spending nearly £60 on eyeshadows! Buying my ABH one was hard enough haha! Thank’s so much for reading xxx

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  1. I won’t buy any of these palettes either. I feel like most makeup releases look too similar these days. I’m so tired of new makeup releases every week, especially when they’re not thought-out and uncreative.

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    • Omg yes! There’s too many warm tones nowadays. I understand it’s on trend but some variety would be nice. I’ve heard lots of people say products aren’t being thought out anymore and I couldn’t agree more. The most recent is Kim Kardashian’s new contour palette. People have said it looks chalky and I agree, her contour sticks only came out a few weeks ago! Thank you so much for taking the time to read xxx

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