Urban Decay Naked vs Makeup Revolution Iconic One

I was doing a little makeup shopping in Superdrug, a drugstore here in the UK, and stumbled upon what seems to be an exact dupe for the iconic Urban Decay Naked Palette! I was very excited to find Makeup Revolution’s Iconic One Palette because there’s an insane price difference between these products, £36 to be precise which is a huge saving.

Makeup Revolution saw itself in a little controversy recently with plagiarism accusations from brands such as Kat Von D, and I can see why. The brand doesn’t shy away from duping high-end brands such as Too Faced and Urban Decay with almost identical shades and shade placement within the palette. And while it’s very obvious where Makeup Revolution gets it’s inspiration for some of their products, it doesn’t bother me per se, as I don’t believe the brand is out to flat out plagiarise higher end brands, but rather to cater to people who perhaps don’t have the budget to spend £30 to £40 on a palette but still want to experience the feeling of owning a more luxury product. Which I can appreciate because at the end of the day, we all deserve too look and feel beautiful.

UD vs MR

Makeup Revolution top. Urban Decay bottom

This dupe may a little overdue considering Urban Decay launched this palette back in 2010! Wow, seven years ago, it still feels like yesterday! But regardless of it’s age, this palette is still well loved and a cult favourite amongst many. The original Naked palette has some beautiful everyday neutrals that can be amped to a smokey nighttime look which is why I believe this was so well received. But not everyone has the Urban Decay Palette, in fact I didn’t get mine until last year because I couldn’t afford it, so hopefully this post will be helpful if you’ve been yearning after the Naked Palette but just can’t bring yourself to spend the £40.

Let’s discuss some similarities and differences between the two. Right off the bat, the packaging is very different. Makeup Revolution’s Iconic One comes in a cheap plastic palette with a clear top making the shadows visible. While Urban Decay’s come’s in a good quality opaque cardboard palette with a velvety material covering the entire outer box. Packaging isn’t too important but it is worth mentioning. Personally I prefer Makeup Revolution’s Packaging because it doesn’t get as dirty as Urban Decay’s. Just like the Modern Renaissance, any smidgen of makeup will stick to the outer packaging of Naked One and personally, this irritates me because I enjoy my makeup looking clean and presentable. Another huge similarity is shadow placement which is usually the case for Makeup Revolution Dupe palettes.

I can tell you with great certainty that the formulas aren’t the same, and that’s to be expected considering the price difference. But a different formula doesn’t always equate to a better product. Makeup Revolution’s Palette contains a higher amount of Mica whereas Urban Decay’s has a higher amount of Talc. Again, this isn’t an indicator as to which formula is better. Both these minerals are common fillers in cosmetics, however talc in eyeshadow is used to make a powder product smoother, so it’ll blend easier and mica has more luminosity making it ideal for shimmers, however it can still be used in mattes. After playing around with Makeup Revolution’s palette, I can tell there’s a higher concentrate of mica because the matte’s aren’t completely matte. There’s a very slight sheen to them which is something to consider. Makeup Revolution’s palette contains fewer ingredients than Urban Decays, however they both have some ingredients in common such as dimethicone, propylparaben and talc and mica which I mentioned earlier. Paraben’s have been known to cause irritation so if you have sensitive eyes, you may want to skip both these palettes all together. However they usually only cause irritation when used in large quantities.


Left – Makeup Revolution swatches. Right – Urban Decay Swatches

Another huge similarity are the shades. You can see both in the pans and by my swatches that these palettes have an identical colour selection. Both these palettes have a good amount of pigment and both blend beautifully. I’d say Urban Decay’s is slightly more pigmented and the shadows are a little smoother but Makeup Revolution’s are still easy to work with and you’ll be able to create the same looks with either palette. I actually found the shimmers in Makeup Revolution’s palette slightly better than Urban Decay’s. I usually have to wet my brush with the shimmers in the Naked palette but haven’t had to do so with Iconic One. Urban Decay’s mattes are better than Makeup Revolution’s in pigment and formula. I suspect this is due to Makeup Revolution using a higher amount of mica but overall, both these palettes are very good. The formula’s are different but both perform beautifully and are good quality palettes. Some more excellent similarities I want to mention is that both of these palettes have barely any fall out! I was expecting some fall out by Makeup Revolution but was pleasantly surprised to find none. Good job to Makeup Revolution on that one! As well as this, both Urban Decay and Makeup Revolution are cruelty free, however both these palette’s contain carmine. Click here if you want to read more about carmine and it’s uses.

In terms of quality, personally I think Urban Decay’s is slightly better just because it has a little more pigment and blends smoother, but for only £4, Makeup Revolution’s shadows are excellent quality and honestly, on the eyes the shadows perform beautifully and with a little more work will look the exact same as Urban Decay’s, as you can see from the picture down below. Although I said Urban Decay is slightly better quality I’d still recommend you skip that and go for Makeup Revolution’s Iconic One instead. I wish I’d have just brought Makeup Revolution’s palette and saved myself £36!

eyes 1

The shades I used to create this very natural look were Naked as a transition in the upper crease, Buck in the crease and outer third of the eye and Toasted on the rest of the lid with Virgin on the brow bone and inner corner. I also took Naked on the lower lash line and used the corresponding shades in Makeup Revolution’s palette. There’s almost no difference between my left and right eye which shows Makeup Revolution’s palette is the way to go if you want to save yourself some money.

I did use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion on both eyes and set it with a little face powder. On the lashes I used Benefit’s They’re Real and my brows are filled in with MAC’s Spiked pencil.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Makeup Revolution Iconic One

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and enjoyed my very first dupe article! I’ll have more dupe posts coming up in the future. Hopefully you were able to take something away from this and if you’ve been debating on whether or not to try out Urban Decay’s Palette, give Makeup Revolution a go first! The Iconic One is a fantastic palette and the best dupe I’ve found for the Naked One! Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you in my next post.

Sofia x

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    • That’s very true. I was kind of shocked when I saw their version of Kat Von D’s shade and light eye, but I get what they’re doing and it’s nice for everyone to be able to experience a little luxury. Thank you so much for taking the time to read x


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