A quick everyday makeup routine

If you have an Instagram account you’ve probably stumbled across a makeup artist creating a beautiful, but dramatic look with what seems like an infinite amount of products. Yes, the outcome is usually lovely but it’s not always ideal for the working woman, a student or someone who would rather sleep an hour longer in a morning, like myself!

In this post I’m going to give you some suggestions on the best products to use too wake up a tired face as well as share every product I use to create a pretty, time effective but put together face ideal for work, school or just for everyday life. I’m a university student and often have to be up at the crack of dawn to make it to a 9am lecture. To be honest, makeup is the last thing on my mind when I know I have I three hour lecture ahead of me and I’m sure the same would apply to anyone else who’s in university or full time work. But makeup is a fabulous tool to help you look awake, healthy and ready for the day, even if you feel like death. And it doesn’t have to take hours to achieve these results! I spend no more than 30 minuets on my face in a morning, and that’s if I really want to make an effort.

Starting off with the face –

Make sure you’ve prepped properly. Skin care is very important and provides a good base for your makeup. Once you’ve cleansed, toned and moisturised apply a primer if you feel like you need it. Personally I skip this step because I don’t think primers are necessary for my skin, but once you’ve done that you can apply your favourite base product. I always use a foundation because I have more to cover. I love to use Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra. Mixed with a little Jojoba oil, this becomes such a beautiful, dewy medium coverage foundation. Using a base with illuminating properties is ideal to brighten a tired face. If you have oily skin, try an illuminating primer to eliminate the need for oil mixing or a really dewy foundation. There’s loads of illuminating primers on the market but a favourite of mine is Le Blanc De Chanel. If you don’t have many problem areas, use something like a BB Cream, a cushion foundation or a sheer coverage foundation. It’ll even out your skin tone without masking your face, leaving you looking fresh and awake.

Concealing will be your best friend in the morning and can really help bring some life back into the skin. Using a light reflective concealer under the eyes will brighten dark circles as well as illuminating. I love Clinique’s Air Brush concealer and use it every morning and my dark circles become a thing of the past! Well… until next morning. Try to avoid a heavy duty, matte concealer under the eyes and use it for blemishes around the face, if you need too. Urban Decay’s Naked Skin, my go-to for blemish coverage, Kiko’s Full Coverage or Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage are all fantastic blemish coverage concealers. Blending your face products in with a beauty blender in my opinion, is the best option as it’s very quick and gives the skin an extra hydration boost, because it’s damp. If you haven’t already, try a makeup sponge, I haven’t used a foundation brush for over six months because a sponge is so much better!

Adding dimension and colour back into the face is very important otherwise your face will look a little flat and the makeup will be very obvious. You don’t need to pull out a contour palette and start chiselling out every bone in your face. A little blush does the trick beautifully. I can’t leave the house without blush because it completely transforms my dull, tired skin into a radiant, healthy looking face. A cream blush is going to look more natural but a powder blush is much quicker and with a light hand, can look just as natural as a cream product. If I have the time and energy I’ll use Lancome’s Cushion Blush Subtil, a liquid/cream blush. If I don’t have enough time I’ll use a powder blush. Some of my favourites include Chanel  Joues Contraste in Orchid Rose, NARS’s Dolce Vita or No 7’s Apricot Blossom.

If I have time, I like to apply a little bronzer, especially in the winter when I’m at my palest. Bronzer, like blusher is amazing for adding dimension and warmth to the face. If I do apply bronzer, I’ll apply it in a “3” shape on the outer perimeters of the face hitting the temples and forehead, the cheeks, jaw and down the neck for blending purposes. I never use bronzer to contour and honestly, I’ll never have the time to contour in the morning. Contouring can also look very harsh if it’s not done properly so applying a light dusting in a “3” shape is a better alternative as it will slightly emphasise bone structure but look a lot more natural and blended. My favourite bronzer at the moment is No7 Bronzer in Golden Sand.

Finally for the base a touch of highlighter on the high points of the face can look beautiful and help give you a fresh glow. My preferred formula is powder because again, it’s the quickest to apply, blend and has the most pigmentation. Highlighter is amazing for oily skins who have a matte foundation on, it’ll give a dewy look without using a dewy foundation or oil. My favourites are The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer and MAC’s Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Double Gleam. I’ll often layer the two to achieve a stronger highlight but of course, using just the one works just fine.

Onto the eyes and brows –

I like to focus my attention mainly on the face, but adding a little definition to the eyes can help pull the look together and honestly, it takes no time at all. There isn’t four eyeshadows, winged liner and false eyelashes in my routine. If I only do one thing to my eyes it’ll always be a coat or two of mascara on curled lashes. Curling the lashing and applying mascara will lift the eyes and make you look more awake. It’s an absolute must! I like to use The Balm’s Mad Lash because it lengthens, curls, adds volume and doesn’t smudge. For the brows, I don’t always have the time for them. In those cases I’ll apply a tinted fibre brow gel to give a little definition and I like to use Benefit’s Gimmie Brow. It’s the best brow gel I’ve ever used! If I do have the time, I’ll run a little brow pencil through to thicken and define. If you already have full brows, leave them! On a normal morning, I’ll leave my eyes there, but on those rarer occasions where I have more time I’ll apply a little eyeshadow. I’ll only apply one colour because it’s enough definition for the day time. I’ll use a mid-toned, slightly on the warmer side shade of brown named “Conched” from my Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette. Adding a shadow helps me look more made up but not overly done.

For the lips I’ll never wear anything more than a tinted lip balm. This is down to personal preference but for me a lipstick is more of nighttime product. I love the Vaseline Rosy Lips, it’s the perfect shade of pink. If you do like more lip definition, go with a nude that matches your lips natural colour the best. I like to finish with a spritz of setting spray to wake me up more and a setting spray is excellent for bringing normality back to the skin, especially if you’ve over powdered. I love the Urban Decay Chill and NXY’s Dewy Setting Spray.

While it does look like I’ve applied a lot of makeup, I can assure you all the products I use take no longer than 30 minuets too apply, with the exception of the eyeshadow. I love every single product I mentioned and use them on a regular basis, give some of them a try, you’ll love them!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post all about my everyday makeup routine and I hope to see you back in my next post.

Sofia x


*Links for all the products mentioned can be found in my previous posts

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