A small beauty haul – Mini reviews

I had a bad day yesterday so decided to cheer myself up the only way I knew I could, by shopping! Makeup shopping of course. Overall, I’m really happy with the products I brought. I re-purchased an old favourite and found some amazing new products. I’ve got one product that’s on the pricey side but everything else was brought from the drugstore. I’m going to share with you everything I’ve got and my give you my initial thoughts.

Starting off with the only high-end product. A blusher by Chanel called Joues Contraste. I recently threw out another Chanel blush, I can’t remember the colour but it was a neutral pink shade with a slight shimmer, perfect for my light skin. It lasted a good four years but I had to throw it out because it was so old. This was extra heartbreaking because it was my first ever high-end purchase. Although these blushers are expensive at an astonishing £34, if you get the right shade, they’re an investment. Of course there are dupes available. Honestly, any baked blush will work just as well but there’s something about owning a Chanel product that I just love. I’ve always said, every woman should own something by Chanel, even if it’s a lip pencil!

I purchased the shade Orchid Rose which is a beautiful beigey pink. I’d say this is quite a universal shade but not ideal for deeper skin tones unfortunately. I can’t imagine this showing up on dark skin. Chanel is notorious for creating limited shade ranges which is something I hope they change soon. This blush is really pigmented, far more pigmented than my old one which leaves me to believe these have been re-formulated. I don’t know for sure so don’t quote me. I had to really buff this out because I went in too heavy but it blends beautifully so it wasn’t a problem. It looks lovely on the cheeks, like a natural flush of colour that lasts all day with no problems. I really recommend Chanel’s powder blush range if you have the money to splurge.

Chanel JOUES CONTRASTE Powder Blush in Orchid Rose – House of Fraser

The second product I brought was a foundation primer. I’m a little sceptical of foundation primers. Do they really do anything? I’m not convinced. I recently de-cluttered Smashbox’s Hydrating primer because I felt like it just wasn’t doing anything. But after a little research and help from beauty consultants at makeup counters, I decided it was time to give primers another try. I picked up ELF’s Hydrating Face Primer which could be seen as a dupe for Smashbox’s. I agree to a certain extent, the formula is slightly different, ELF’s is thicker and contains more silicone but essentially, it’s the same thing.

It does make my skin feel nicely hydrated but honestly, my moisturiser does the same thing. I didn’t see a difference in my foundations wear nor did it apply any better. My skin felt nice when I applied it but I just feel as if it’s an unnecessary step in my makeup routine. Maybe I’m a little bias when it comes to primers, I just don’t see the point. I will continue to use it because I paid for it, it was only £7.50 which is a lot cheaper than Smashbox’s at £28. ELF’s line of face primers extend too tone adjusting, blemish control, poreless, brightening, mineral, illuminating and a spray version. So if you like face primers, I recommend ELF’s because they’re good and won’t break the bank. Will I re-purchase? Probably not. I’m just not one for primers.

ELF Hydrating Face Primer – Superdrug

I also purchased two of Maybelline’s Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows in the shades Fantasy and Vintage Plum. Again, I recently de-cluttered another Color Tattoo in the shade Creme De Nude because I hated it. I brought it as an eyeshadow base thinking it would be a nice dupe for MAC’s paint pots but it was dry and hard to work with. I read some reviews on these eyeshadows and they were glowing so I decided to try some actual coloured shades and in a different finish. I do like these two better than Creme De Nude, especially Fantasy which is a shimmery finish. It’s a lot creamier than the matte formula which Vintage Plum is. Again this shade is dryer and a little harder to work with so I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it. Luckily these are cheap, I only paid £8.99 for the two because of a sale. They usually retail for £5.99 which is very fair.

I love simplicity with makeup. One shade eyeshadow looks are my favourite which is why I’ve been looking for some cream shadows that won’t break the bank. Fantasy, which is a beautiful mid-tone shimmery brown looks amazing all over the lid and blended into the crease. I’m really happy with this shade. Vintage Plum is a lovely cool toned purple which again looks really pretty as a one colour look, it’s just harder to blend out. I suspect the matte shades are all going to be like this which is why I recommend the shimmers more than the mattes. Will I re-purchase or buy more? The shimmers, definitely yes, the mattes? Probably not.

Maybelline Color Tattoo – Boots

The final two products I have are from L’Oreal and they’re more eyeshadows. These are the Eye Paints which are like a cream liquid hybrid. I love these, they’re absolutely gorgeous. I purchased the shades Nudist and Keep on Khaki. Again, I brought these for nice one shadow looks and I think these will be my go-to’s for just that. They are so creamy, blend beautifully and they’re extremely pigmented. I do think they’ll crease but that’s to be expected with a cream formula, so make sure you prime your lids if you buy these. Nudist is a lovely warm brown shade, on the lighter side with no shimmer. This is more of matte formula but it’s still easy to work with. Keep on Khaki is a khaki shade, as the name suggests. It’s a warm toned green with lot’s of shimmer and will look lovely on any eye colour. This shade is my favourite, it really compliments my brown eyes.

I like these a lot better than the Color Tattoos just because of the formula. If you’re looking for some inexpensive but good quality cream shadows, I highly recommend checking these out. I’m definitely going to be buying more!

L’Oreal Infallible Eye Paints – Boots

Yes, there are some products here I’m not in love with however, I still consider this a successful shopping trip. I purchased these items because I liked them so I’ll definitely be using everything I mentioned today, even if some are better than others! Thank you for taking the time to read today’s post. I really appreciate it and I hope to see you back in my next one.

Sofia x

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    • I’m so glad you enjoy them! I love the Shimmer formula, it’s amazing. I think I’ll try a drop of oil in the mattes to see if it helps. But they’re really good for the price xxx


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