The East’s Influence on the West – Asian Beauty

Cushion compacts and BB Creams, are they a gimmick or are they the answer to the beauty secrets we’ve been looking for?

Makeup counters all over the Western World saw a huge influx of Asian beauty products and trends in recent years. But why? Why do we love Asian beauty so much? According to an article from Fashion Fix Daily, the West’s love for Asian beauty is due to the fact that Korean beauty in particular offers a wider variety of choices, in terms of skin care. For example in Korea, it’s common for brands to offer oil based and water based cleansers for a variety of skin types with the article stating further that Eastern beauty gives the consumer more freedom in their cosmetic choices as opposed to just buying whatever is available at the makeup counter.

Another reason for the East’s popularity is due to the ingredients used in their cosmetics. Korean brands are known to use an array of unique ingredients such as Snail Mucin, Korean Pine Phytoncide, Red Ginseng and Charcoan powders. These ingredients are widely unknown in Western society, but incredibly beneficial for the skin, which is why Eastern beauty has peaked such an interest in the West. Korean beauty, and Eastern beauty in general, are known for using natural, organic ingredients which is another reason why their products have generated so much interest in the West.

In terms of makeup, what products has the West adopted from the East?

The major, most popular beauty product is BB Cream. I’d never heard of BB Cream until a few years ago. I didn’t even know it was originally from Korea. BB Creams are incredibly rich with skin care ingredients because women in Korea claim that “beautiful skin is beauty” – Charlotte Cho. A skin care routine for the average Korean woman can consist of up to 10 products! The rise of BB Creams in the 1980s completely revolutionised the way women treated their skin. BB Creams were marketed as an all in one skin care and foundation hybrid, which is why they became so popular. I completely understand the hype surrounding them. I have the Elizabeth Arden Pure Mineral Tinted Moisturiser and it’s one of my favourite skin products. It’s gives a dewy look, the favoured look in Korea, it’s very sheer but evens out skin tone and all round feels good on the skin, almost like a skin care product, which is why BB Creams are so loved in the East. I highly recommend trying a BB Cream if you haven’t already, your skin will love you for it! Garnier do a fantastic range of affordable BB Creams which I’ll link below.


Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Tinted Moisturiser – Boots

Garnier BB Creams – Boots

Cushion compacts! They look very gimmicky, but I can’t lie, I absolutely love them! Another wonderful innovation by the Koreans, cushion makeup was designed with the purpose of easily being able to re-apply sunscreen on top of makeup. Which brings us to the cushion it’s self. The cushion was designed to house the product by completely soaking it and placing it in the compact, the cushion is an extremely important part of the product. It’s used to transform the liquid in the sponge into a lighter emulsion, which helps to beautifying the skin, giving a radiant, healthy glow. The sunscreens in the cushions were designed with pigment, transforming them into a BB Cream in a compact. In an article for Glamour, Charlotte Cho states “In Korea, the cushion compact is considered a fusion of skin care and makeup because it doesn’t just cover your skin, it also improves its look, feel, and health”. Like BB Creams, cushion foundations combine a variety of skin care ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, bamboo sap and very high levels of SPF. As these compacts made their way out West, brands got creative and began using these nifty compacts and cushion technology to house more makeup products such as blushes and bronzers. All of which contain similar skin care properties. Currently, I have three cushion products, a foundation by L’Oreal, which I love dearly, it offers a beautiful dewy, healthy finish with sheer coverage, a blush by Lancome which again, I love. This also gives me a radiant complexion with a splash of colour, and finally, I have a bronzer, another one by L’Oreal which I get a lot of use out of. I love the matte finish this gives, but also the radiance I achieve with this bronzer. It’s absolutely beautiful, give them a try, you’ll love them!

L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion – Boots

L’Oreal Cushion De Soleil Bronzer – Superdrug

Lancome Subtil Cushion Blush – Boots

The West hasn’t just adopted makeup from the East, Korean skin care is coming in hot in the form of splash masks, facial mists and transforming cleansers to name a few. The burning question? Should you try Korean skin care and beauty? My answer, yes, absolutely. The wonderful innovations in technology and the combination of traditional, natural and organic ingredients used in Korean cosmetics has transformed the skin of many Eastern women and is now helping Western women too. Eastern beauty is definitely one to try. I know I certainly will.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post all about Eastern beauty and it’s influence on the West. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and I hope to see you back for my next post.

Sofia x


Sources – Glamour, Fashion Fix Daily, Style Under Pressure




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