My Highlighter Collection – which ones to try and which to avoid! 

Without a doubt, highlighter is my absolute favourite beauty product, I can’t live without the stuff. Highlighting can add such a beautiful, radiant glow to the face helping you to appear more awake, healthier and all round better.

I’ve recently done a huge makeup declutter and parted with seven highlighters, which was incredibly difficult, but I have seven more to share with you today. I’ll talk you through my favourites and tell you about some which I’m not too crazy about. Just like I did in my blush collection post. If you haven’t read my post all about blushers, I’ll have it linked for you below.

My Blush Collection – Which ones to try and which to avoid!

Firstly, we have the Zoeva Rose Golden Palette. I’ve done an entire post about all of my Zoeva products so I’m not going to go into too much detail here. Check out my Zoeva Brand Review post if you’re interested. This palette consists of a contour shade, a blusher and a highlighter. The highlighter, titled “Glowing Still”, is one of my favourites. It’s a beautiful product, especially if you have a similar skin tone to me. I have light skin with neutral undertones, I’m about a MAC NC20 – NC25 and a light gold highlight on me, looks beautiful and the most natural. This shade would look beautiful on skin tones with neutral to warm undertones. Those of you with cooler undertones may not like this as much. But with that said, this highlight is insanely pigmented, so remember to go in with a light hand to avoid the tin man from the Wizard of Oz look! One thing I will say is that this highlight is a little powdery, it does kick quite a bit of product when you dip your brush in but it’s justified with the price, the palette is only £12.50 and it’s one I really recommend trying.

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

Next I have Benefit’s High Beam Highlighter. I purchased two sample sizes because I was unsure of this. I wanted a highlighter that would give me that “wet skin” look and thought this would be the product to do just that, but I was wrong. This isn’t a bad highlighter, it’s just not one of my favourites. Firstly, this is a pink based highlight making it ideal for anyone with cool toned skin. On my neutral skin, it’s not very flattering and very obvious on my skin. I’m not too keen on the formula either. It’s so thick to be a liquid highlight but to thin to be a cream. It’s somewhere in between and as for the “wet skin” look, it does nothing of the sort. It’s just looks like an average, run of the mill highlight. It’s okay but for the price of this, I think there’s better on the market such as NYX’s Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam. Benefit’s High Beam retails for £21.50 vs NYX’s Born to Glow at £8. That’s quite a price difference.

Benefit High Beam – Boots

NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam – Boots

The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer is a cult favourite among many, and it’s one of mine. This is one of the best highlighters I’ve ever used and one I’ll be replacing when I run out. It’s the perfect light gold shade, it’s not too glittery but incredibly glowy, I absolutely love it! Although this another light gold shade, it’s not as yellow toned as Zoeva’s making this a much more universal shade. So whether your cool, neutral or warm, this highlighter will look beautiful on you! This is another super pigmented product so remember not to be too heavy-handed when working with this, but I honestly can’t recommend this enough. If I could only keep one highlighter, this would be it. It’s that good! This usually retails for £20 but it’s currently on sale on Feelunique at £17.00 so go get it, quick!

The Balms Mary-Lou Manizer – Feelunique

Next I have Le Blanc De Chanel Illuminating Base. Chanel claims that this is a universal product, meaning it has multiple purposes. I love this product, I’ve been using it for years but as a highlighting product, I wouldn’t recommend this, especially at the massive £35 price point! This is marketed as a primer but it can be used as a foundation mixer and as a highlighter over top of foundation. I’ve been using it as a mixer because it makes my skin look beautifully radiant. As a highlighter, you can’t see it. I can’t even say it gives you a “lit from within” look because it’s that sheer. As a primer or foundation mixer, I absolutely recommend this if you have the money to splurge, as a highlighter, it’s a complete waste of money and I urge you too try something else. There are so many beautiful, natural looking liquid highlighters on the market, such as Sleek’s Bare Kissed Illuminators, which are a fraction of the price at £8.99. Le Blanc is also a white based product, so not ideal for deeper skin tones as it’ll appear quite ashy on the skin.

Le Blanc De Chanel Illuminating Base – House of Fraser

Sleek Bare Kissed Illuminator – Boots

My next highlighter is cheep and cheerful, it’s the Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter by Kiko Milano and another favourite of mine. This is a stick highlighter but it’s really easy to work with. I was expecting it to be a stubborn formula making it hard to blend but that’s not the case at all. It’s creamy, looks beautifully radiant on the skin and it lasts all day. I have the shade Gold, this is another light gold shade, which I love. This is also sold in the shade Rose which is perfect for those of you with cool undertones. It’s another sheer, “lit from within” type highlight which I love for no makeup days. I also love to layer this with a powder highlight for an intense look. It really is a lovely product and I only paid £9 for it. It’s currently on sale on Kiko’s website at £6.80! I can’t recommend this enough, if you haven’t tried it, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Kiko Milano Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter in Gold

Laura Geller’s Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator is a product I couldn’t wait to get my hands on, but when I finally did, I was rather underwhelmed. This isn’t a bad product, it’s just okay. It’s nothing revolutionary, just an average highlighter. And considering the £21 price tag, I expected more. I have the shade Gilded Honey which a very warm toned bronzy gold shade, this shade is way too dark for me. I can only wear this a tan, in the winter, forget about it. It’ll look terrible but will look beautiful on medium to deep warm toned skin. I originally had the shade Peach Glow but ended up decluttering it because it was far to peachy for me skin, in hindsight peach glow was a better match for me as opposed to gilded honey… but regardless, I still don’t really like this highlighter. It’s quite glittery which I don’t care for. It does blend well but that’s not enough for me to recommend this to you. The only dupe I could find was Maybelline’s Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter which is only available in the US unfortunately.

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator – Cult Beauty

Finally I have a product by MAC, it’s their extra dimension skin finish in Double Gleam and I absolutely love this highlighter. It’s one of my favourites and often layer it with Mary Lou. Once again, it’s a light gold shade that shifts silver it’s not too yellow making it a lovely universal highlight. I’ve had Soft and Gentle and Lightscapade by MAC but ended up decluttering them because I didn’t care for the powdery and overly glittery formula. The new extra dimension skin finishes have a much better formula. This product gives a beautiful glowy look on the face, it’s an intense highlight but not too intense. It’s nicely pigmented so a light hand is required once again but I really recommend this highlighter. It’s incredibly beautiful, both the formula and the shade! It’s pricey at £24.50 but I promise you it’s worth it!

MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish – Mac Cosmetics

I hope you enjoyed today’s post all about highlighters and found it helpful and informative! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I hope to see you back for my next post.

Sofia x

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