The Ultimate Guide to Red Lipstick

Red lipstick has been a staple in women’s beauty throughout history and many iconic women have become known for their red lips over time such as the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Madonna and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few.

Although a red lip is an incredibly beautiful look that oozes femininity and sex appeal, it can be a daunting colour to wear. Red lips are definitely an attention grabber! For the longest time I was scared of red lips, I’d apply it and immediately take it off because I felt as though I couldn’t pull it off. I’m not Marilyn Monroe or Liz Taylor after all. But everyone deserves to feel beautiful and bold red lip, that’s done right can do just that. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve finally figured out what type of red suits me, what red compliments my skin tone and makes me look and feel like better version of myself. This is why I’ve decided to write this post, for anyone who loves a red lip but feels as though they can’t pull it off, you absolutely can and I’ll show you how.


Firstly, you need to figure out what shade of red suits you. There are loads of shades of red on the market and it can be very overwhelming when it comes to purchasing the correct shade. You need to take your skin tone and undertone into consideration when choosing the lip colour. I have an entire blog post about undertones and how to find yours so check out that post if you’re unsure. Link below

Everything you need to know about undertones

I have five shades of red to show you today. The first lipstick I’ll be talking about is Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick in Power Red. This is the shade that suits my light neutral skin tone the best as it’s a beautiful cool toned classic red shade. If you have a fair to light skin tone with a cool to neutral undertone, this shade of red will suit you the best. Another example of a classic cool toned red is MAC’s Russian Red Lipstick. Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick is one of the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve ever used. It glides on the lips effortlessly and looks beautiful all day. I really recommend this product!

Elizabeth Arden’s Lipstick in Power Red is currently on sale on Look Fantastic so snap it up quick before it sells out! I’ll have it linked below as well as MAC’s Russian Red.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick in Power Red – Look Fantastic

MAC Lipstick in Russian Red – House of Fraser

Next I have NYX’s Matte Lip Creme in Morocco. This is a very warm toned, orange based red. This shade is going to look beautiful on those of you with warm undertones in your skin. This is also going to look very complimentary on medium to deeper skin tones. I can only really wear this colour when I have a tan because if I was to wear this in the winter months when I’m paler, I can end up looking washed out and a little strange. This is one for fair-skinned girls with cool undertones to avoid. But if you’re a warm toned, medium to deep skinned girl, you’ll love this one. Something similar to this would be MAC’s Lady Danger Lipstick. I’ll have both linked below.

I really recommend trying NYX’s Matte Lip Creme, they’re fantastic, comfortable and easy to work with, and only £6.00 each as opposed to MAC’s Lipstick in Lady Danger which retails for £16.50.

MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger – House of Fraser

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Morocco – Boots

The next shade I have for you isn’t a true red. It’s actually a berry toned liquid lipstick with red undertones. I’ve mentioned the Balm’s Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipsticks in a few previous posts, they’re excellent lip products which are comfortable and long-lasting. This lipstick has mostly cool toned berry colours, which on its own would be best suited to those of you with cooler toned complexion. But with the addition of the red tones in this lipstick, it takes it into the neutral territory making this a pretty universal shade. The depth of this colour would look really beautiful on deeper skin tones and would look just as beautiful on fairer skins. If you’re fairer skinned and are wearing a very dark red/berry toned lipstick, be sure to balance it out with some blush to avoid looking washed out.

This is shade adoring, it’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t recommend the Balm’s Liquid Lipsticks enough. And it’s currently 30% off on Feelunique at £10.50! I’ll have this shade linked down below.

The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Adoring – Feelunique

The next red I have to share with you is another one by NYX. It’s another matte lip creme in the shade Amsterdam. This is a deeper shade of red, it’s more of a cherry red which makes this slightly more warm toned. This is another shade that will work beautifully on all skin tones whether you’re fair or dark, but due to this being on the warmer end of the spectrum it will suit neutral to warm skin undertones best. Although this another warmer shade, it’s not as warm as Morocco making it more universal.

Just like Morocco, NYX’s Matte Lip Creme formula is excellent, it’s very comfortable and easy to work with. I’ll have this shade linked below.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Amsterdam – Boots

The final lipstick I have to share with you is Revlon Colourstay’s Moisture Stain Lipgloss. Unfortunately this line of lip products have been discontinued which makes me really sad because they’re some of my favourite lip products ever! The shade I have is New York Scene. This one is another cool toned red, similar to Elizabeth Arden’s Power Red, but Revlon’s is deeper than Elizabeth Arden’s making this better for medium to deep skin tones with cool undertones. However, this would still look beautiful on cool toned fairer skin, it just means if you’re fairer, applying some colour to the cheeks would be important to balance out the shade. Luckily, loads of brands carry deep cool toned reds so finding a dupe won’t be an issue, but as of yet, I haven’t found a formula dupe for Revlon’s Moisture Stain Lipglosses, my search continues!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post all about red lips! Thank you so much for taking the time to read, I really appreciate it and I hope to see you back in my next post.

Sofia x

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