About Me

Welcome to my blog Beauty Box, my name is Sofia Alexiou and I’m a 22 year old student studying English Language and Creative and Professional Writing at The University of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. I’m originally from Samos, Greece but moved to the UK at aged 3. I’ve always been interested in writing and as a kid I would dream about becoming an author. As I grew older my dreams of becoming a writer faded away because I was constantly told that it’s not a “realistic” career, and so, I got into makeup and thought makeup artistry was the route I was supposed to take, but again I was wrong. I still wanted to write. Regardless of what anyone said, I wanted to pursue writing. I wanted to find a way to incorporate my love for makeup and writing. And that’s where this blog comes in.



All of my makeup knowledge has come from trial and error and learning from social media platforms such as YouTube, watching tutorials from established makeup artists such as Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury. The tag line you see on my blog “enhancing natural beauty” is a motto I live by. Granted, I’m not a professional but I want to show you how you can be the most beautiful version of yourself without completely masking your features, which follows my makeup philosophy of less is more.

Beauty Box’s main focus is makeup. I want to share my beauty knowledge with you in the form of reviews, how-to’s, tips and tricks, skin care and makeup suggestions. However, as much as I love makeup, I want this blog to branch out into other areas I’m passionate about such as fiction writing, travel, fashion and lifestyle, the mind and the struggles we may face in this day and age.

I want this blog to be somewhere you can come to after a long day too relax and use as a form of escapism. My goal here is to help, to teach and to relate. And I sincerely hope this becomes a reality.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as much as I enjoy writing them. They’re written for you.

Sofia x

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